18 November 2014

Chimp vs Chimp Violence and Insights into Human vs Human Violence

aggressive chimp

A new study, published in the journal Nature recently, has presented insights into how chimpanzees engage in violence against one another. Why is this important? How chimps engage in violence provides insight into the nature of human violence.

This new study was led by Richard Wrangham, a professor of human evolutionary biology at Harvard who has been working in Africa since the 1970’s. The study chronicled the following.

“Overall, the researchers chronicled 152 killings by chimpanzees that were directly observed, suspected, or inferred in 18 communities that had been followed for decades. The attackers were overwhelmingly male, and the majority were attacking other males from other groups. They attacked when they outnumbered their victims — by eight to one, on average.”

Building on the eight to one advantage from above, the study continues.

27 July 2013

The King Hit

A Mother speaking about her 17 year old son -
"I remember shouting out to him something about there not being enough hair product in the world to save his hair", she says. "He was well known for spending five minutes in the shower and two hours fixing his hair. 
"He left and the whole bathroom stunk of Garnier Fructis hair gel. I shouted out, 'Be careful, be safe.' He replied, 'Yeah, yeah, yeah'."
The young man in the story above was killed that night at a girl's 17th birthday party. He was fatally hit with a king hit.

The young man in the image above, Charlie, was king hit inside a nightclub, fell to the ground and stayed there for one hour while paramedics worked on him. The delay was due to trying to figure out how to get him out of the club where the only access was via a narrow staircase. The fire brigade ended up extracting him through one of the nightclub windows and he was then taken to hospital for emergency surgery.

He left hospital one year later.

10 February 2013

The Human Combative Behaviour Presentation

Here is a first for Low Tech Combat.

I have spent a lot of time putting together a slideshow presentation all about Human Combative Behaviour. It combines some fantastic imagery and touches on many of the key points from the Manifesto aimed to educate people about human to human violence.

Here it is:

It is a very nice and presentable way to express some of the ideas contained in the Human Combative Behaviour Manifesto which is completely free to all email subscribers.

To watch the presentation above just click on the right (or left to go back) arrow to go through the slides. There are 51 slides in total packed with valuable information about human violence.

It is an exciting and new way to present valuable information to what is most likely a new group of people who find professional looking presentations a great way to learn new knowledge.

Feel free to share this around. The link to the slideshow at the slideshare site can be found HERE. You can view the above Human Combative Behaviour presentation there as well as many other great presentations as well.

I hope you all like it!

03 December 2012


Welcome to the second LTC DIGEST.

I got some good feedback on the last one so here is the second edition!

There's more great stuff in here. Another entertaining video (this is really well done), more interesting imagery, some great articles, educational news stories and more.

Enjoy and feel free to share this around!


This is a really well done video. Although the chalk weapons may be "high tech", I think we can excuse that just this once here at Low Tech Combat. It's too good of a video.

19 October 2012


Strategic Self Defence
There are three levels of Low Tech Combat.

They are strategic, operational and tactical.

This site Low Tech Combat focuses on the strategic because it is the most important aspect and the most widely neglected in self defence. Low Tech Combat is about strategic self defence. Many people go to classes and train regularly without stopping to consider if they are on the right path for them.

Is what I am doing best generating desired skillsets?

"Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat"

-Sun Tzu

This goes beyond self defence. Many people react to various stimuli and go about their days without stopping to pause and reflect if they are achieving what they truly want to achieve.

This is a sad fact.

The Strategic level drives everything else, including self defence and combative skills. Or it should. If you do not make strategic considerations and decisions you are simply reacting to life as it unfolds in front of you and will not achieve what is important to you.

15 September 2012


Welcome to the first LTC DIGEST.

There is simply too much good stuff out there that other people are doing to not let you all know about it.

This digest aims to showcase the most interesting, important and sometimes downright impressive material from around the web.

We are talking articles, posts, images, videos, news stories and more. We will try to keep it mixed up.

These LTC DIGESTs will come out irregularly. I will only publish them as enough good material comes to light. I will not be sticking to a strict timetable because that will eventually mean publishing stuff that isn't worthy.

So here is the first LTC DIGEST. I hope you like it. Let us know in the comments if you want more of these or think it is a complete waste of time.

21 August 2012

Are Combat Sports a Waste of Time for Self Defence?

This is a key topic of dispute.

Are the combat sports useful for self defence?

Or are they a complete waste of time?

I was reading the Budo Blog the other day which sometimes has really interesting articles and is well worth checking out. One of the recent articles was about an experience of one of the students of the editor for Budo Blog Kasey Keckeisen who is a police officer and martial arts instructor.

I found the article interesting and generally found myself agreeing overall except for one point. Kasey argued that training in the combat sports was of little use in self defence and was a waste of time. This point I disagree with and will go over sections of the article and detail the reasons why I disagree.

02 April 2012

13 Commonly Believed Myths About Self Defence BUSTED!

Self Defence Myths
There are many Myths believed about self defence.

Some are absolutely WRONG. Others are not too bad but over simplify issues. These Myths try to get us to stop thinking for ourselves.

Some are more widespread than others. This largely comes down to people teaching who don’t know any better. It can come down to untrained people just spreading bad information.

There are simply too many Myths out there that need busting.

A key problem is the internet. Too often, poor ideas are taught to a large audience which gains traction and poor instruction spreads this way. McDojo’s are also a significant problem (see also here, here and here).

Who really knows how these 13 commonly believed Myths about self defence come from? The fact is, they are out there.

We are here to BUST them! Now let’s get busting!

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