26 July 2008

Low Tech Combat Disclaimer

This site is something I do for personal reasons as explained in About Me. I spend a lot of time researching and writing about various aspects of Low Tech Combat, finding good videos to present,interesting content and even just researching ways to make this site better overall.

At no time will I ever pass on personal information to any other party whatsoever, ever. Any information you input on this site will only be used as it was intended for.

I also rarely provide affiliate links to products which I recommend. Most of the time, I have handed over cash and paid for these items too so I know they are good. I will only do this if I strongly believe in the product. It does the reputation of this site no good to recommend dodgy products..

This is not a money making blog and I write purely for my own personal enjoyment and to share valuable and interesting information.

I am sure subscribers and regular readers can attest, that these items are hardly noticed as the focus of Low Tech Combat is to provide interesting and useful content. A dream would be to be able to justify spending more time on this site and make it the best place on the web for bringing together all of the aspects of Low tech Combat. Although perhaps it is already??? ;)

And so I present this information openly and will continue to provide as useful and interesting content as I can.


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