25 July 2008

About Low Tech Combat


Low Tech Combat takes a research and knowledge based approach to self defence.

This site is the perfect companion to your physical training. For self defence, perhaps it should actually take priority over physical training.
  • This is a site for self defence thinkers
  • Understanding violence will enable you to recognise it, avoid it, evade it or de-escalate it, before it gets physical
  • Physical training should come, but after (or whilst) learning about Human Combative Behaviour
The Purpose

This site contains a lot of detailed information and analysis from solid peer reviewed sources, statistics from real violent crimes and analysis of real attacks from news stories along with lessons we can learn from these. 

There is nothing better to base ones training on than today's reality. That is the goal of this site. To be THE resource for students and teachers to ensure their training is on the right path and to provide information not found anywhere else on the web to aid in ones own ongoing learning as we walk the path.

The evolution of combat sports such as Boxing, Muay Thai, Brasilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), Wrestling, Judo and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is without precedent and represents a true renaissance in the evolution of interpersonal combat training methodologies. It is not any of these individually that are so special, all of the training methods from all of these systems can be applied together (in any system) thanks to todays interconnected world.

Combined with the latest Reality Based Self Defence (RBSD) training methods and knowledge of awareness, key indicators of likely attackers, de-escalation tactics and more, together covers the full spectrum of conflict one is likely to encounter on the streets or homes today.

This evolution, or renaissance, is followed closely at Low Tech Combat along with all other important happenings in the world of the martial arts and self protection community. Topics such as Aliveness, Human Combative Behaviour and the Physiological and Psychological Effects of Combat for example, are all followed closely here. These topics have been covered in previous posts at Low Tech Combat and likely, will continue to do be featured into the future along with any new developments.

We also have the Human Combative Behaviour Manifesto we want to give you.

Get your FREE copy of the Human Combative Behaviour Manifesto sent straight to your inbox and lots more.

As Seen in Blitz

As published in Blitz Magazine, Australasia's biggest martial arts and self defence magazine in Vol. 23 No 5, Know Your ENEMY: The true stats on street assaults.

As published in Blitz
Who is Adam @ Low Tech Combat?

Hi, my name is Adam. I am interested in spreading the concept of Low Tech Combat. I have been practising martial arts and self protection since 1994. I began my journey with Rhee Taekwondo which I did for 5 years with Paul Corbett and achieved first degree black belt. From here I studied Hapkido for about four years under Geoff Booth. Through Geoff Booth, I was introduced to both Brasilian Jiu Jitsu and Ray Floro's Filipino system of edged and impact weapon defence. I have been practising these two systems on and off ever since which I do to this day.

I enjoy getting together with friends from Muay Thai and wrestling backgrounds and training with them regularly as well. I also read widely on topics such as the various martial arts, self protection, awareness, personal security, the classics such as the Book of Five Rings, strength and conditioning and the physiological and psychological effects of combat.

In the future I intend to participate in some more good RBSD courses (I have already been to an ISR Matrix seminar which was excellent). My main reason for this is because I would like more exposure in dealing with the stages immediately prior to an encounter going physical and those initial moments after that. I would like to do at least one course or seminar per year.

What You Will NOT Find

You will find very little instruction on actual techniques such as how to defend a kick or onslaught of punches and things of that nature. That sort of information is very difficult to instruct over the medium of the internet and to be honest, there are far better people out there who specialize in each area of Low Tech Combat and they are in the best position to provide this training. You will find links and videos from the better training providers here at Low Tech Combat, so keep an eye out for them.

Low Tech Combat is about the overall strategy of understanding Human Combative Behaviour, identifying, avoiding, de-escalating and countering violent attacks at the higher level rather than getting down into the weeds of techniques. Low Tech Combat aims to inform students of the overall martial way including the nature of violence, what attacks are most likely and how they are perpetrated, how the body reacts when in combat and the mentality behind various types of attacks and subjects of that nature.

Low Tech Combat can be looked at as fitting more of a strategic coaching role which can help you identify areas where you should be focusing on your training, then you go to a relevant and suitable training provider for that particular skill set that fits you.

The motto here at Low Tech Combat is Knowledge is Power

Get your FREE copy of the Human Combative Behaviour Manifesto sent straight to your inbox and lots more.

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Get Your FREE Manifesto!

Most importantly, is that you get your FREE copy of the Human Combative Behaviour Manifesto. This Manifesto was written by Adam at Low Tech Combat and was published exclusively for the benefit of our Newsletter subscribers, our Tribe.

The Manifesto shows that there are only two types of attacker.

The Alpha Male, and

The Predator

The Human Combative Behaviour Manifesto provides details of both of these types of violent encounters. You will learn the following:
  • Know how to recognise high risk places, times and activities for each of the two types of human combative behaviour
  • Understand the vast differences in the Alpha Male and the Predator
  • Know the different goals of each
  • Know how to avoid each
  • Know how to de-escalate each (they both require two very different approaches)
There is a whole lot more to the Human Combative Behaviour Manifesto.

To get it (as well as the special series of 5 Case Studies and Newsletter updates), simply pop your name and email address in one of the boxes above, the box below or at the top of the sidebar on the right hand side. Your email address will never be given to anyone, ever, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

I hope you enjoy Low Tech Combat! Let us know what you think of the site!

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  1. Hey LTC,

    I followed your link from my blog, "Tales of the Carport Kwoon." Your blog looks pretty good. I like the whole idea of "low tech combat."

    Have a good one. If your travels ever bring you to Florida, look me up. My kwoon is your kwoon.

  2. Hey thanks for the kind words :)

    Florida does seem like a great place to visit. If I do venture over there, I will be sure to look u up.

    Happy training!

  3. Hello Adam,

    The 2 videos you have on youtube.com are really awesome and necessary tools for anyone looking into real self-defense. Your new intro shows some massive computer and creative skills too, so I'm looking forward to your presentations.

    You're supported by some pretty awesome people so there's no doubt we're going to see some awesome things here.

    Mike Reis

  4. Thanks for the kind words Mike. It's true, there are some very smart people that read this site and I just hope the Human Combative Behaviour Manifesto is up to the task.

    Thanks for dropping by Mike. Feel free to have a look around and comment anywhere. It will be great to read them. All the best.

  5. I follow your videos as well. I have learned some basic stances on combat and self defense with a knife.


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