30 November 2008

Realistic Violent Knife Training - Video

Great video that begs the question. Does your knife training prepare you for real world knife attacks?

Interesting stuff.

29 November 2008

Low Tech Combat now on Twitter!

Yes, Low Tech Combat is now on Twitter!

Follow @Low Tech Combat here. You will also find a button to follow us on Twitter at the bottom area of the sidebar now.

What is all the fuss about? Find out about Twitter at Wikipedia.

It has spawned a whole movement and there are sites popping up all over the place on what can be done with it such as TwiTip.

UFC 92 Trailer - The Ultimate 2008

Video via MMAmania

UFC 92 looks like its gonna be awesome! This is an extended video which goes for 9:32.

The card features:
  • Minotauro v Frank Mir,
  • Vanderlai Silva v "Rampage" Jackson,
  • Forrest Griffin v Rashad Evans,
  • And more!

Looks like its going to be a good show!

28 November 2008

Jissen - Martial Arts Magazine FREE

I first found Jissen through a recent post over at MarksTraining.

Jissen is a free online Martial Arts Magazine which is put together solely with a pragmatic approach to dealing with the Martial Arts. It focuses on effectiveness and practicality. It is edited by Iain Abernethy.

Because it is delivered free and online, the articles don't have to be popular and mainstream which ensures some of the articles are quite interesting.

It features 13 articles over 54 pages. A sample of titles includes:
  • How to Spar for the Street,
  • How to Survive a Knife Assault,
  • Martial Arts Scepticism: A manifesto and
  • Power and Impact
I definitely recommend checking it out, after all, it is FREE!

Download the pdf for Issue 3 of Jissen here. (6.48MB)

27 November 2008

Aikido for the Street - Video

Via SportzBlitz.

Interesting video of Aikido being practised for street effectiveness. I think it looks good and the guy doing the moves looks sharp but at the end of the day, he is doing it on a co-operating partner.

Does this matter THAT much? Im not sure. You can only do so much to a training partner before hurting them. I think it is good, but the element of Aliveness and a partner fighting back to an extent is missing.

Well, here it is.

What are your thoughts?

Judo Takedown by Lion on Zebra - Video

In keeping with the Lion theme for now, here is an awesome video of a Lion doing a fantastic impression of a Judo takedown on a Zebra.


Lion's Judo - Click here for funny video clips

What do you think?

26 November 2008

20 Inspiring Lion Images

Note: This page may take a little longer to load due to the number of images.

I've always loved the big cats. In particular, Lions. Today, I thought I w
ould do a post that is a little different and simply showcase 20 of the best images I could find featuring Lions.

Im not sure why I like Lions. Perhaps it's the whole 'king of the jungle' thing. I really respect the power and grace of the animals. They truly are a majestic creature. From a self protection perspective, I find the Lion a good source of inspiration in some ways that I find hard to put into words.

All images are publicly available and may be reproduced under the Creative Commons license. If you find any of these images of interest, I encourage you to click through and check out more from the photographer in their Flickr albums.

Some of the images are a little violent in nature and have blood in them as well as action shots of attacks and Lions feeding off carcases.

If that doesn't bother you, please enjoy the following 20 inspiring images of Lions.

Image by desdibuix-miquel

Image by Stephen Poff

And now for a sequence of four images...
Images by imolcho

Image by Samuel Judge

Image by jsohn1@pacbell.net

Images by Arno and Louise

Image by Picture Taker 2

Images by abmiller99

Image by Mike LaB

Image by wwarby

Image by sausyn

Image by cjette

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19 November 2008

Off for a Week or so

Well, the real world is calling.

I will be away for a week or so and will most likely be unable to post in that time.

On the Road
by Macorig Paolo

When I return, I will be back to my usual posting frequency.

Stay tune

What Physical Attributes for what Fighters?

I recently had the honour of guest posting over at Straight to the Bar. The post explores the issue of ensuring combat sport athletes do not do too many 'general' compound movements. Often, it is worthwhile analysing movements in the athletes sport and doing 'sport specific' compound movements in their strength and conditioning sessions.

The article is titled The Right Attributes for the Right Fighters. Head on over there and check it out. Straight to the Bar is one of the best resources on the web for functional, real world strength training.

17 November 2008

UFC 91 Results

Here are the results from UFC 91. There were some surprising results indeed!

Brock Lesnar defeated Randy Couture via TKO (strikes) Round 2 !!!
Kenny Florian defeated Joe Stevenson via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Round 1
Dustin Hazelett defeated Tamden McCrory via Submission (Armbar) Round 1
Gabriel Gonzaga defeated Josh Hendricks via TKO (Strikes) Round 1
Demian Maia defeated Nate Quarry via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Round 1
Aaron Riley defeated Jorge Gurgel via unanimous decision
Jeremy Stephens defeated Rafael dos Anjos via knockout in round three
Mark Bocek defeated Alvin Robinson via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Round 3
Matt Brown defeated Ryan Thomas via Submission (Armbar) Round 2

A blow by blow account of the entire UFC 91 card can be found at this MMAmania link.

For all of the post event press conferences and interviews with the fighters, including Randy Couture and Brock Lesner, head over to the official UFC page with all the news.

16 November 2008

Social Engineering and other Non-Violent Threats

Image by parl

Note: This is a long post which includes three videos

As people who care about our personal security and safety and that of our friends and families, it is important to note that threats today are not just physical. More and more often, we see and hear about people getting targeted by scams and fraudsters. This involves loss or compromise of some very personal and sensitive private information, often leading to financial loss.

Social Engineering?

Not many people are aware of what Social Engineering and other types of fraud are and I thought I would share some of my findings on the subject with my readers.

To begin, here is a fun video showing how Social Engineering can be used

15 November 2008

Gymnastics plus Martial Arts equals...

This is a great video. There are no practical martial arts techniques but an awesome display of athleticism, strength and agility.

Nice one.

Judo Throws in MMA

I found a great link while checking out TDA Trainings recent TDA Blitz. Judo throws being applied in MMA tournaments can be found at Formosa Neijia's post titled 'Judo in MMA'. Its a great link, check it out.

As a little bit extra, Ive compiled a couple of videos for you here, showing Judo throws being applied in live competition.

First, here is a video of some fantastic Judo throws being applied in Judo competition to highlight how devastating these can be. Remember, these are being done on people who are trying their hardest NOT to be thrown. AND they know how to defend and counter them.

When it comes to applying them on untrained opponents...

and here is a video showing some Judo throws in MMA

I hope you enjoyed.

14 November 2008

UFC 91 Card

From MMAmania:

Main event:

Randy Couture vs. Brock Lesnar

Main card (Televised):

Kenny Florian vs. Joe Stevenson
Dustin Hazelett vs. Tamdan McCrory
Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Josh Hendricks
Demian Maia vs. Nate Quarry

Under card (May not be broadcast):

Jorge Gurgel vs. Aaron Riley
Jeremy Stephens vs. Rafael dos Anjos
Alvin Robinson vs. Mark Bocek
Matt Brown vs. Ryan Thomas

UFC 91 will be kicking off inside 48hrs at Las Vegas. The Main event should be a battle.

The Sucker Punch and Cheap Shots

This post is a follow up post to yesterdays titled, Are Martial Arts a Waste of Time? Today I'd like to expand on that a little and talk in more detail about Sucker Punches and Cheap Shots.

Tricks from the Streets

Yesterdays post was mostly about street smarts and awareness. It was about being street wise. One aspect of being street wise is being aware of Sucker Punches and Cheap Shots.

Almost all street fighters and violent people have a 'trick' they use when they initiate an attack that gives them a greater chance of landing that first strike. Once that first strike lands, the rest will follow in quick succession.

This is normal. Expect it. This can happen in both Assault and Robbery. It happens differently but it still happens.

Be Street Wise
by Ruddington Photos


Prior to an assault, there will likely be some type of posturing. This could be pointing, shoving, pushing, loud yelling argument or something of that nature. There will generally be some type of distraction or feint an attacker will use to set up his first strike which will generally be a big right hand. They will generally use some type of 'trick' or other set-up to cover their intentions as they throw that first strike.


For Robbery, it may be a little different. Someone who should have been detected on your radar may stop and ask you for a cigarette or the time or whatever to assess if you will be an easy target. The way you reply to his question may be what determines if he launches into his Robbery attempt. On top of that, while you are thinking of a reply, that may be the moment they launch their attack. It is 'cheating', it is a 'trick', but it works.

In both cases, being aware of these Sucker Punches and Cheap Shots will give you a much better chance of seeing them coming and avoiding or countering them. Implement these things into your own training. Use drills which simulate surprise attacks and feints.

Train using these Tactics

One suggestion for doing this includes
standing in the middle of a circle with your eyes shut and someone comes in and pushes you then throws a big right hand (with gloves on of course). After you feel the push from whatever direction, you open your eyes and counter the attack.

Physical Surprise

There are many variations to this one drill. You can do it against a wall or in a corner. You can have a number of training partners line up and one person walks by them at about arms distance. Any one of them can begin the attack. It could come from in front, behind or next to them. You can have two people launch the attack or even three as THREE attackers has been seen to be more likely than two attackers!

Intellectual Distraction

You could initiate the attack by asking distracting questions such as 'Hey, didn't we go to the same school?' Encourage imagination from the question askers. Once the question is asked, launch the attack at the moment when the partner is thinking of a response.

Be aware of Sucker Punches and Cheap Shots. They were used in school and are still used on the streets today. He who uses these tactics to launch an attack, has the advantage. If you are in immediate danger, cant escape and feel the need to launch a pre-emptive attack, you may want to use these tactics as well.

13 November 2008

Are Martial Arts a Waste of Time?

Sometimes, I really wonder about this. At the end of the day, it all comes down to simply being aware. Aware of your surroundings. Aware of higher threat environments, times and places. Aware of indicators of someone about to launch an attack or start a fight and know when that attack is inevitable.

Awareness is Key

If awareness is there, all you need to do is avoid the high risk areas, and if a possible threat has been detected, leave that area. And if you cannot avoid the threat and have detected it early enough, you have denied the attacker the element of surprise and it is up to you who has the initiative now.

You can try some simple de-escalation strategies such as non aggressive posture and keep them at a safe distance by using what is commonly called 'the fence'. And if they press with their intent to attack, just go in hard and continue your attack until the threat has stopped. Do not give them a chance to regather themselves and come at you again.

Surprise and Initiative

Attack, all of a sudden. Surprise THEM. YOU want the element of surprise. YOU want the initiative in the encounter. These simple things will greatly increase your chances of emerging unscathed.

It doesn't matter how good your technique is, if you don't know the fundamentals of Low Tech Combat, the whole house of cards is going to fall down right when you need it.

Street Wise

All you need really, is some street smarts. Know the high risk times and places. Know what to look for to detect a robbery or assault attempt. Know how to talk and de-escalate a situation if that is possible. And if it comes to it, just sucker punch the attacker or something similar then press your attack.

So are martial arts a waste of time? Do they adequately prepare people for the real thing? Is there a simpler way?

A follow up post to this one can be read titled The Sucker Punch and Cheap Shots.

11 November 2008

Convocation of Combat Arts

There is now a social network specifically for people interested in Martial Arts. It is primarily targeted towards Martial Arts Bloggers and their readers but is still well suitable for anyone interested in the subject.

As well as the general forum there are specific forums and groups such as ones on MMA, Budo, Boxing and Muay Thai and bjj along with others.

The convocation is fairly new and is growing rapidly. Pop on over to the Convocation of Combat Arts and have a look.

08 November 2008

Reality Based Weapons Training

Do you train weapon defences, counters and use, realistically? What weapons do you use in training? Wooden swords? 6 foot staff? Swords, staffs and spears were used on battlefields many years ago and once, were the weapons mostly used in combat. Today, the weapons used on the streets and inside homes are much different, more compact and easily concealed.

On top of that, many of the weapons used today involve even closer combat than days gone by. Weapons used today are generally mu
ch shorter. Everyday items can readily be picked up and used to inflict serious damage onto and into the human body. Improvised weapons are a major threat and must be taken into account when training in weapon defence.

On the flip side to that coin, improvised weapons can be used by the defender as well. Improvised weapons can be used in the event of home invasion. Pick up whatever is handy and use it. Have a look around you right now! If someone were to attack you right now, what could you immediately pick up and use as a weapon? You can use improvised weapons to either cut, or damage by impact.

Everyday Items

What about the computer mouse in your hand? With a strong hold and with the appropriate amount of force, I think a computer mouse could cause some painful damage. It may not stop an attacker dead in his tracks, but it may. It will likely slow him down and may be enough for you to regain the initiative and force your counter attack onto him.

There are weapons everywhere. Everyday items can indeed become nasty weapons with the appropriate amount of lateral thinking. Below is a list of just 10 everyday items that are readily available and may be immediately used in the event of someone launching an attack on you:

  1. Pen
  2. A dogs food bowl (especially aluminium or steel)
  3. TV remote control
  4. Sturdy ash tray (such as marble or steel)
  5. Various kitchen implements
  6. Scissors
  7. Hand tools such as screwdrivers or shifters
  8. Car keys
  9. A vehicle's steering wheel lock
  10. Small bottle of soft drink, with some fluid left inside
These are just some items which are quite common and generally, at least one of these items are available to us at any particular time. They are generally not very dangerous looking, which is why attackers don't tend to use such items, but are quite useful for someone on the other end of an attack. They can level the playing field.

Weapons for Attack AND Defence

As well as using everyday items to strike at an attacker with, many of these items can be used as a shield. For example, if attacked in the back yard and you only have a poodle, the dog bowl may be held in both hands out in front and used to physically block the attacks thrown by the attacker, be they weapons based or punches and kicks. In the same many, the bowl can be used to strike at the attacker. Simple thrusting movements are all that is required.

For a predominantly shielding methodology, flexible items can be readily used such as a t-shirt or belt. These can be held tort with hands about one foot apart around the object and use that surface between the hands to shield and counter. This is especially effective against edged weapon attacks.

Less Conventional Weapons used by Attackers

One final area to be aware of is that some attackers will use improvised weapons in their activities. Such weapons include the following:

  1. Hypodermic needle
  2. Stick
  3. Kitchen knife
  4. Stanley knife (boxcutters)
  5. Scissors
  6. Sharpened screwdrivers
  7. Home made stabbing devices
  8. Beer bottle
  9. Fish scaler
  10. Pocket knife
Most of these weapons appear offensive and violent, and imagination can run wild which is an aid to attackers as they want to shock their victims and ensure co-operation. There are various grips and holds for various improvised weapons. Learn these too. Do not be shocked by these weapons. Be aware of the threat.

Use Improvised Weapons

Do your weapon defences prepare you for dealing with weapons such as those listed above? If you cannot avoid or escape a situation, can you use an everyday item nearby which can even the odds a little?

Weapons use should be a part of your training. Weapons use is on the rise by attackers. At the same time, weapons use can be your friend.

Special credit goes to my Instructor in these matters, Ray Floro.

06 November 2008

Free Close Quarter Combat Magazines

The Close Quarter Combat (CQC) Magazine is an old series of magazines put together by Hock Hochheim. They contained articles on hand, stick, knife, gun, military, police, citizens, crime, war news and training.

For those interested in the full spectrum of Low Tech Combat, the CQC Magazines are definitely worth a read. Best of all, they can be read for FREE HERE!

At the above link you can read all 21 issues of the CQC Magazine as well as 5 editions of the newer, Hochheim Group Report and 11 issues of the new, CQC Dispatches! Thats 37 references in total, all for free!

It is a great resource with LOTS of interesting reading for those interested.


05 November 2008

Crossfit - The Truth, from T-Nation

Found a really good article about Crossfit today over at T-Nation. Its a pretty well balanced article and has some nice insights into the world of Crossfit and the methodologies and people behind the 'movement'.

Well worth checking out.

Another Funny Martial Arts Video

Here is another funny Martial Arts video for your enjoyment. It is a Karate one that is of a similar style to the quite popular Matrix style table tennis video that has been around for a while. Actually, I will include that below for those that haven't seen it as well.


and the table tennis video...

Hope you liked

04 November 2008

Online Interval Timer!

I just recently stumbled across an excellent Online Interval Timer.

You can set different:
  • buzzer sounds,
  • alerts for rounds done,
  • warning sounds,
  • colours of the time,
  • rounds and background colours
  • the actual length of time for both work and rest and
  • the number of rounds to be completed.
Here is a screen grab of the online interval timer below.

It is fantastic. It is fully customisable. You can use this online interval timer at speedbagforum.com. On top of that, there is a forum dedicated to the support and Q & A's relating to the use of this online Interval timer here.

I love using intervals for my workouts. It is all about the most bang for your buck. You get more out of an interval training session that doing slow and steady activities. This online interval timer is a great solution for doing workouts at home or maybe in the garage.

The one downside is that you need your computer with you. Not always convenient.

I found a great little interval timer, called the Gym Boss for those times you want to go down to the park, your backyard, the beach or to the gym. It is especially great for taking to your martial arts classes for sparring/randori/wrestling sessions. There are lots of ways to use it.

Here it is below.

Its nice and tiny. It comes in lots of colours too. On the site they go into lots of different types of interval training sessions as well. Lots of good ways to mix up your interval training sessions. Its quite a handy little device. Cheap too.

For those that want to be able to take their interval timer with them wherever they choose to workout, check out the Gym Boss Interval Timer.

Opening Image via legOnfenris

03 November 2008

Thoughts on recent BJJ Competition

I recently went to a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (bjj) competition over the weekend to watch a friend compete in Sydney. It was the final tournament as part of the New South Wales (NSW) state circuit for 2008.

It was my first time attending one of these tournaments for a number of years and it was quite strange to be there and not be competing. I haven't been to a proper bjj class for a while now. All that I've done recently has been getting together with friends and going through some moves and just rolling.

The Competition Buzz

Almost as soon as I got there, I really wanted to get on the mat and compete again. There was a real buzz there. All of the colour belts including black belt were competing. To me, the best belt class to watch has to be the purple belts. The purple belts have been training for some time and are really starting to get a really good game going but at the same time, they are not afraid of losing either like some more senior categories, so they really go at it and try lots of different manoeuvres.

The Road Less Travelled

The one thing that struck me, is just how dedicated the more senior guys are. They are supremely fit and focused when stepping onto the mat, in particular the black belts. These guys take this combat sport very seriously. It is plain to see. There body has grown and adapted to the special demands placed on it by the sport. It takes a lot of training to get to where these guys are at and it doesn't happen by accident.

It is also plain to see that they eat properly as well. They are lean and in good shape. Every one knows what healthy food is, but only a few restrict themselves to eating healthy food only. Many people find it too hard with too many temptations around. These guys don't.

My Parting Thoughts

Leaving the competition at the end of the day left me thinking... These guys are not afraid of closing with somebody and engaging in combat. They also have offensive moves in their repertoire. Not many martial arts teach offensive tactics. And this is not limited to bjj. The striking combat sports such as boxing and Muay Thai among others also do.

Most of the time, people are taught counters to attacks. That may seem a small thing but I don't think it is. Bjj is a challenging combat sport. Training sessions are hard and sometimes gruelling. It also develops a real willingness to close with an attacker and engage in combat. How important these attributes are to a person is really up to that person.

Do We NEED a Good Offence?

I guess the training that bjj practitioners go through can really give a psychological edge. That confidence in ones ability to apply offensive moves on a resisting opponent may make all the difference.
Like usual, it is always far better to avoid attacks than it is to beat down an attacker. But if an attack is unavoidable, that psychological edge may make the difference in the outcome of a real low tech combat encounter.

And yes, I am off to my old bjj gym tonight. I have the bug again...

01 November 2008

'Dead or Alive' the book, FREE!

Whilst surfing around the net recently, I came across a site I haven't visited for a long time called 'Fight Times'. It is a great site with loads of interesting articles. No matter what your system or style, you will find something of interest there.

Of particular note for this post, I'd like to bring to your attention that they now feature Geoff Thompson's fantastic book 'Dead or Alive' in its entirety for free!' It features all chapters, one through to twenty-two.

Hop on over there and check it out. 'Dead or Alive' is truly a must-read book and is definitely one of the best books on Self Protection available. Best of all, you can now read it for FREE!

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