21 January 2009

5 Day Fruit Fast - Day 3

Image by Pink Sherbet Photography

Past half way now. Today was quite easy in regards to craving other food. There was little of that. Actually, I really felt like fresh, juicy oranges but these are a little rare in Australia at the moment because it is the middle of summer.

Change of Toilet Routine

The only thing of note really was that I made a couple more trips to the bathroom than normal. In fear of going into too much detail I will say that they were not loose, just slightly softer than usual...

Tomorrow will Restock

I ate the same food pretty much as the previous two days. Tomorrow I will be going back to the fruit shop to restock my supplies so I will try for some variety. It is summer, so there will be plenty to choose from.

That's it for Day 3. Not much to report really. I will be back tomorrow.

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  1. What about training during the fast?

  2. Hi Cindy,

    I have still been training. I havn't been doing any weights so I don't know if I have lost any strength at the moment.

    Actually, my core around the bottom of my ribs are sore from doing Turkish Get-Ups with my 20kg Kettlebell yesterday. I haven't done those for a while.

    I would advice against doing really hard sessions as it is obviously not a balanced diet and lacks protein but normal day to day sessions are fine. Keep up the water intake though and self monitor. I have found everything to be fine.

    It is not a performance diet, more of a short term detox where the consumption of fruit provides energy.

    Hope that helps.


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