08 January 2009

Announcement - Domain Name Change

This is the final post for the address http://lowtechcombat.blogspot.com

The new address will be www.lowtechcombat.com in a matter of minutes and a short post will quickly follow.

RSS and Email Subscribers

I've looked at the Feedburner site (who the subscriptions go through) and help pages and I have found little assistance in this matter in regards to transferring the feed of both RSS and Email automatically for subscribers.

It may be necessary for subscribers to go to the new site (shown below) and resubscribe manually and I do apologise for this burden. The best I can find is that the new Feed may transfer to the old account for 30 days. You may need to do it manually after that. Best to just subscribe to the new address straight away maybe? Again, apologies.

Old to New Site links?

All of the old links will still work for the actual site, or blog, as they get forwarded automatically by Blogger to the new domain address which is nice.

So here is the link to the new address,


Go there to update your RSS or Email Subscription to the new address or update your Bookmarks or Favourite list on your browser.

The next post should be up within 30 minutes. Fingers crossed...

Update: The new post from the new address has been posted. If you do not receive it within the next 30 minutes, please leave a comment below so I can work on fixing it.

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