13 January 2009

Jake 'the Muss' - Most Realistic Movie Fights?

I saw a recent thread over at Sportzblitz that posed an interesting question.

What are the most realistic fight scenes in a movie?

There were some interesting suggestions. Some good ones were 'Road House', 'Green Street Hooligans', and 'Romper Stomper'.

For sure, those movies have good, realistic fight scenes but I went with the scenes featuring Jake 'the Muss'. He was the main character in the movie's, 'Once Were Warriors' and 'What Becomes of the Broken Hearted'.

The Fearful Jake 'the Muss'

The fight scenes on both of those movies are explosive and 'in your face'! Not only are the fight scenes realistic in my opinion but Jake 'the Muss' is devastating. He is quick, powerful and super aggressive. A fantastic combination to have in real world situations.

May I also suggest that he would be a good role model of an attacker in one's training. Aim to be able to defend yourself from him and defeat him. He is a worst case scenario.

Below are three video's which show some typical fight scene's from 'Once Were Warriors' and 'What Becomes of the Broken Hearted'. Note the use of items lying around as improvised weapons...

'Too much weights, not enough speed work...' Classic.

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  1. not exactly fights more like jake da muss beating faggots up

    good deal!

  2. ^^its a movie ya dickhead...BTW if youve ever been in NZ, this is normal fighting...alotta real hard nuts n hearty warriors out there


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