08 October 2009

Sonny Umpad: Kali and Escrima Master

I was going to make this the video of the week but I think it deserves its own post.

Sonny Umpad. Video by the Dogbrothers.

Great little video.

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  2. Escrima is a great way to start martial arts. the weaponry really helps with unarm combat and increase learning speed by a lot.

  3. Wow, what a guy. This truly reveals the heart of the martial arts: combat to the death and this is most readily seen in weapons training, especially with blades. With a blade any technique is designed to draw blood and sever muscles all the way to the bone or cut major arteries, with machetes or swords the blows will sever the wrist, arm or head and thrusts will penetrate all the way through. Unlike a lot of the more popular martial arts these days (karate, judo, boxing...) the FMA are true and utterly practical martial arts meant for actual fighting where functionality and effectiveness are of the utmost importance as opposed to looking pretty or learning intricate patterns and movements that have little to do with actual application and seem to be designed mostly to keep students training for years and thus ensuring a steady flow of revenue. The basis of any effective style or system consists of simple techniques designed to stop an attack dead in its tracks and deal enough damage to demolish the attacker in the shortest amount of time, all the rest is essentially superflous and mere icing on the cake. This is the beauty of the FMA: hit, hit and hit again... Whether attacking or defending: you hit his fist and keep on hitting until he's down and out. All the rest: disarms, locks, throws... is essentially luxury and not really needed unless you don't want to kill him or deal heavy damage. How is he going to use his stick, knife or empty hand when his hand is destroyed and he keeps getting hit over and over again? The main difference between mere students or competent practioners and the masters is the level to which they elevate their basic techniques and how purely instinctive they act and react to any threat.



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