30 January 2009

Helio Gracie passes at 95

Image by Esther Lin - all elbows

I first heard about this on Twitter.

Sad news today that the one and only Helio Gracie has passed away. Im really not sure what to say. A true legend of the Martial Arts today and a true role model for what the Martial Arts should stand for. I not too long ago wrote a post about Helio Gracie that looked at training into the senior years and used him as an example of how this is perhaps best done.

I personally am a student of Brazilain Jiu Jitsu and without him, who knows if I ever would have found the art of bjj or should that be that the art of bjj found me...

Words can't explain.

May you forever rest in peace and continue spreading the beautiful art of bjj forever more.

Best Submissions Highlight Video

Here is a great video showing some fantastic submission action from live competitions. Included are Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA and Submission Wrestling matches.

Great vid, lots of submissions. Nice.

More to follow in the next few days.

27 January 2009

MSRA: Serious Health Risk for Grapplers - Must Read Article

Via Budo Warrior

Here is a very interesting article about a very serious infectious skin condition called MSRA that can kill if left unchecked. Be sure to regularly wash and clean your matts at your gym and always wash and/or shower after training.

This is a must read article for all grapplers, wrestlers and other combat sport athletes.

Click on the below link to open up the full article from Smash Pass in a new tab/window.

MSRA Report

25 January 2009

Crazy Monkey Defense

The Crazy Monkey system is widely known but little understood. I believe it is an excellent system especially good for when caught by surprise or overwhelmed temporarily. The Crazy Monkey system is also an excellent system to be taught to absolute beginners who want to learn something that works well, quickly.

I have collected a few short YouTube videos to showcase just one aspect of the system, being the cover and defense. There is more to the Crazy Monkey system than this, however the defense and cover are the most widely known aspects, so I thought it would be the best area of the Crazy Monkey system to show here.

To find out more go check out the Crazy Monkey Website or the Crazy Monkey YouTube Channel.

23 January 2009

5 Day Fruit Fast - Day 5

Image by shareski

Done. That is all 5 Days done.

I've enjoyed eating all that fruit and I physically feel good too. Although for about 1hr today I got REALLY hungry really quick. Don't know why. Nothing a good serving of Mango, 2 x Kiwi Fruits and a Peach couldn't handle :)

Goodbye Christmas/New Year, Hello Healthy 2009

It has been a good way to transition from the Christmas/New Year period and not so good eating habits, and back to focusing on training and eating well. It has been really good for getting excited about my health and training for 2009.

It Gets Easier

This 5 Day Fruit Fast has been much easier than the first time I did it about 6 years ago. I discovered what is referred to as the Paleo way of eating. Eating Paleo basically supports eating only food that is found in a natural, wild setting. This basically boils down to just Fruit, Salad, all Meats, Nuts and Honey. Anything that requires human processing is avoided. This includes all products with artificial sugar, milk products, grains and flour based processed foods. This is the way I try and eat these days at least 80-90% of the time.

Tomorrow, I look forward to eating chicken and salad which is perhaps my favourite meal.

Conclusion? Highly Recommended!

The 5 Day Fruit Fast is a good and natural way to detox. It can be difficult, but the benefits are large in my opinion. I recommend everyone doing it at least once in their life. Flush your system out. And the earlier, the better.

Get Fired Up! Food can be your Medicine or your Poison!

If you want to get really fired up and are keen to change your eating habits for the better, for good, check out Food Matters.

If you have any questions about the 5 Day Fruit Fast or about my experiences doing it, don't hesitate to ask in the comments below.

Core Strength the Gym Jones Way

From the crew at Gym Jones...

Great Vid. To get Core Strength like that you may want to check out the peer reviewed, Combat Core.

22 January 2009

5 Day Fruit Fast - Day 4

Image by abdulhai

Apart from one particularly smelly moment, today was quite straightforward. I have felt like other food, but I think that is more behavioural than actual real cravings.

As lunch or dinner approaches, I find myself thinking about what I will have for these meals. Its generally after thinking of a few options that it dawns on me that I'm in the middle of a 5 Day Fruit fast. Thinking of other foods is perhaps more behavioural now than actual real cravings.

Cravings or Behavioural Thoughts?

I think Days 1 and 2 were more actual cravings. I did want more solid food at that time such as pizza and spaghetti bolognase. Actually, just typing it in makes me think of how nice that would be lol! But in all seriousness, it is much easier now to stick with just eating fruit.

New Fruit Today!

Today I bought some fresh Peaches, Grapes, Oranges (yummy), Rockmelon (cantelope), Avocado and Mango. Oh yeah. Variety is the spice of life! I am actually really enjoying getting stuck into a lot of different fruit.

I don't know if it is mind over matter but I feel lighter, more alert (less sluggsh) and energetic.

Roll on Day 5.

21 January 2009

5 Day Fruit Fast - Day 3

Image by Pink Sherbet Photography

Past half way now. Today was quite easy in regards to craving other food. There was little of that. Actually, I really felt like fresh, juicy oranges but these are a little rare in Australia at the moment because it is the middle of summer.

Change of Toilet Routine

The only thing of note really was that I made a couple more trips to the bathroom than normal. In fear of going into too much detail I will say that they were not loose, just slightly softer than usual...

Tomorrow will Restock

I ate the same food pretty much as the previous two days. Tomorrow I will be going back to the fruit shop to restock my supplies so I will try for some variety. It is summer, so there will be plenty to choose from.

That's it for Day 3. Not much to report really. I will be back tomorrow.

5 Day Fruit Fast - Day 2

Image by Muffet

Another day gone.

Today was a little easier. There was no, umm, gas problem today as there was from mid yesterday afternoon.

Minor Challenges

I find that I have to eat often as I get hungry relatively easily. I think a lot of it has to do with wanting that 'full' feeling that you get after eating a big meal. Mid afternoon, I found myself thinking about what I might have for dinner. Just out of habit. And then I realised that I will just be eating fruit. I won't lie, I was a little disappointed.

Have Fruit Handy

Nevertheless, I am finding no real problem with staying on the 5 Day Fruit Fast so far. I think as long as I have plenty of fruit on hand, it should be quite easy to do. I think it is important to not go hungry. Once hunger sets in it would be tempting to break the cycle and succumb to random cravings.

I ate a very similar amount and type of fruit as yesterday. However today, I added Strawberries. Yummy.

I'm off to bed. Will post again tomorrow.

20 January 2009

5 Day Fruit Fast - Day 1

Image by noellium

Well, its the end of my first day on the 5 day fruit fast. It wasn't easy but it wasn't hard either.

Two Things of Note

Towards the middle of the afternoon I noticed 2 things. One, I began to umm... pass some quite smelly wind for the rest of the day and two, I began having mild cravings for some heavier food. I really felt like chicken and salad. It's one of my favourite meals.

I Enjoyed Eating a lot of Fruit

It wasn't too bad today at all. I ate a good variety of fruit and it was all ripe and fresh. Below is a list of what I ate today. I think I may have left a few pieces out of this list but this will give you an idea of what I ate throughout one day. I always ate combinations of fruit for variety.

2 x Granny Smith Apples,
1 x Delicious (red) Apple,
6 x Plums,
5 x Apricots,
3 x Bananas,
4 x Nectarines and
1 x Large bunch of green seedless Grapes.

They weren't in any particular serving sizes. I pretty much just grazed throughout the day.

I also drank about 4 glasses of water. That's not much but also remember that fruit has a high water content.

I will post up the results of day 2, tomorrow.

19 January 2009

5 Day Fruit Fast - Beginnings

Image by mralan

Today I'm beginning a 5 Day Fruit Fast. This involves eating only fruit and drinking only water for 5 Days. You can eat as much fruit as you want. It is best to eat as wide a variety of fruit as you can find to prevent boredom and provide some variation and more enjoyment.

I have done it before and the first few days are the hardest as your body really starts to crave heavy food like pasta, steak or pizza. I've noticed the first few days I go to the toilet a bit more than usual as well, but that settles down.

The Best and Most Natural Detox

It really is a good and healthy way to detox. There are no man made products that need consuming, only fresh fruit and lots of water.

If you DO decide to do it (and it doesn't have to be today or even this week), make a deliberate effort to only pick FRESH fruit. There is nothing worse than eating fruit that is off, or borderline. Fruit is the most tasty food, only if it is fresh!

Food Really Does Matter

Food is the most powerful drug you will ever put into your body. If you need more evidence of this, do yourself a favour and check out Food Matters. It may just change your life.

You Can, and Should, Still Train

Another benefit to detoxing this way is that you can still train during this 'fasting' period as you are still consuming food and ingesting energy. You do not go hungry. Sure, protein is lacking but for only 5 days, I personally feel it is well worth it. In fact, I would recommend training or at least getting up a good sweat at least a few times as this will help clean out the pores and skin, and the elevated heart rate helps flush out a lot of toxins from the bodies systems.

Daily Updates

I will post up at the end of every day, detailing what I've eaten, how I've felt, the difficulties I've found and the cravings which will no doubt come as well.

It is just after breakfast on Monday morning here in Australia and I ate a large bunch of seedless grapes for breakfast. In the fridge I have Rockmelon (Cantelope), Apricots, Apples, Banana's, more Grapes (I love them) and some pears.

Stock Up First

If and when you do this 5 Day Fruit Fast, it is very important that you stock the fridge up with at least 2 Days worth of fruit. Running out of fruit combined with some inherent human laziness will make it tempting to just grab whatever is available. You must remain disciplined, it will be well worth it in the end and you will feel much better for it at the end of the 5 Days.

Go for variety as this will make it easier and more enjoyable. You will be surprised at how much fruit you will consume.

Stay Tuned

So that is all for now. This series can be found later under the label '5 Day Fruit fast'. Will post the first days finding later today. I'm off to go have an apple :)

If you have any questions at any stage, fire them away.

18 January 2009

UFC 93 Results

Watched UFC 93 today. It was the first UFC I've seen live for some time. I loved it.

Here are the results:

-Dan Henderson defeated Rich Franklin via split decision
-Mauricio “Shogun” Rua defeated Mark Coleman via technical knockout (strikes)
-Alan Belcher defeated Denis Kang via submission (guillotine choke)
-Marcus Davis defeated Chris Lytle via split decision
-Rousimar Palhares defeated Jeremy Horn via unanimous decision
-Martin Kampmann defeated Alexandre Barros via technical knockout (strikes)
-Eric Schafer defeated Antonio Mendes via technical knockout (strikes)
-Tomasz Drwal defeated Ivan Serati via knockout (strikes)
-John Hathaway defeated Thomas Egan via technical knockout (strikes)
-Dennis Siver defeated Nate Mohr via technical knockout (strikes)

For a complete fight by fight run down and commentary, go check out MMAMania.

I can't wait for UFC 94. BJ Penn is saying he wants to kill GSP. Actually kill him. He said he is prepared to die in the octogon!

Absolutely Insane Strength - Video

Via Diesel Crew.

This is an amazing video demonstrating some insane strength levels. All bodyweight, no weights work it looks like.


Impressive yeah?

16 January 2009

Improvised Weapons - Best Discussion Ever

Image by Don Solo

I was just browsing through the Fighting Arts Forum before and came across an awesome thread on Improvised Weapons. It goes for 8 pages. Some of the highlights include the following:
I was in a village riot in El Salvador in 1999. I saw a man defending his child. He picked up a goat. That's right a goat, and swung it twice against an armed militia-man.
fixed things make good weapons, too. throwing somebody into a bench or a tree is just as affective as hiting somebody with a club, sometimes.
And some good advice below,
But the key word is "improvised". If you go into a situation w/ an "imporvised" weapon already prepared, you've demonstrated Intent (like the inmate above) & will probably be prosecuted for ADW (Assault w/ a Deadly Weapon).
Food for thought,
Not so obvious
Jacket (strangling, blocking, distraction)
Aerosol (spray in the eyes, combine with a lighter? lol)
Rocks/Tiles (throwing , possibly used as stabbing weapon.. tiles are sharp)
Sand/dirt (distraction)
.357 Revolver (uses atm unknown, will continue to think )
Havn't heard of this one before...
the brim of a hat pushed straight on into the forhead gives a pretty nice jolt believ it or not. Just got to use yur imagination or make do with what you got.
I agree with the next one,
Curious how so many people think of pool cues. Personally, I'd choose those 16 round ivory projectiles that come with it.
Is this one over the top or sensible?
My instructor also says whenever he goes into a bar or wherever, he checks to see if the chairs are bolted down or removeable, are the tables thick enough to stop bullets or big enough to hide behind, how far of a reach is it to the bottles behind the bar, do the bouncers have any visible weopons (flash lights, pepper spray, etc.), and can the windows be smashed or jumped through for a quick exit.
As a distraction,
Here's an interesting phenomenon: if you weild something like a weapon, no matter what it is, an opponent will usually focus on it. As long as it appears that you know what you're doing, whoever you're fighting is going to look at the cup or magazine or whatever you have in your hand, and therefor be forced to adjust when, instead, you kick them in the shin.
Friendly Felines...
Reading further back in the thread, I note the cat idea. I seem to recall seeing a film where someone just threw a cat at someone. As the cat was pretty peeved it was in claws-out mode on contact.
Viking Combat...
He is also responsible for starting something called Viking Combat, a system using shields and sticks. The idea came to him after having to use a dustbin lid and a lump of wood in a defence situation.
And another...
i once saw a guy get knocked out with an empty two-liter of mountain dew! also candles, and pocket change make good weapons, at the very least they will make a guy duck so you can rush em!
Be prepared without appearing pre-meditated...
A belt with a nice big metal belt buckle makes a great improvised weapon. Thats why I always wear one when I go places with a lot of people that I don't know.
I found a lot of the posts insightful.

14 January 2009

Protect Life. Live Life?

Image by Midnight-Digital

Readers of Low Tech Combat have one thing in common. The want to be able to provide safety and security to themselves and/or others they care about. This is serious business. They want to protect themselves and others from other human beings intent on doing them physical harm.

The Martial Way is Serious Business

This involves training and study. It requires developing an understanding of the various threats, the likely attacks, the locations of these attacks, the pre attack indicators, the defences, the personal security measures along with the various techniques and tactics of person to person combat plus lots more.

If you are reading this post it shows that you take this martial endeavour seriously as you have actively gotten on the internet and clicked on a link or searched at some stage for information about human to human interpersonal combat. And well done, most people wipe their hands of the responsibility of there own security and safety to others (police) and complain when that delegation isn't there for them in a time of need. It is important that we take responsibility for own security.

Step Back and Have A Look at Your Life

As stated earlier, this pursuit is serious business. And it needs to be taken seriously. However, sometimes it is important to step back a bit and have a look at the bigger picture. Why is it we are studying this martial way at all? Essentially it is to preserve our own life and the lives of those we care about. That makes perfect sense. But again, why? To remain alive? But why? The whole reason we train so hard is so we can remain alive and not get injured.

Live Your Life

Our life and our time on this planet is important to us obviously. Sometimes we need to step back from the seriousness of this martial way and actually live our lives!

Get Out There!

Have fun and go out on adventures from time to time. Explore the planet and do something that scares you a little. Or a lot! Step outside your comfort zone and break your normal routine.
  • Organise a weekend to go and visit your nearest National Park,
  • Ring up an old friend you haven't spoken to for a long time,
  • Search for a better job, that job you always wanted to do but never got around to,
  • Start your own business,
  • Go mountain biking,
  • Learn how to swim if you can't.
There are many experiences that await those to try them. Life can be truly amazing. Decide what it is that interests you, that really gets your fire burning and go and do it!

It is so important that we don't keep putting things off because guess what? One day we are going to die and you will have never done them.

There is an old tale. I'm not sure where it first came from but it goes something like this:
Imagine you get ill and end up in hospital. The doctor says you have a terminal illness, don't have long to live and in that time you do have left, you won't be leaving the hospital either as you require constant medical care. A sad thought enters yours mind. You have had a long life, you are about to die and you realise that you have never really lived.
Stop putting things off. Do those things which you always wanted to do. Life is truly amazing and offers memories and experiences that will last forever.

I want to finish off with a video that highlights the extreme end of the spectrum. I am not saying everyone should go to Norway and begin BASE Jumping with Wingsuits, I just want to show what is possible in this thing we call life. I hope you enjoy it.

Protect life, but don't forget to Live Life as well!

13 January 2009

Jake 'the Muss' - Most Realistic Movie Fights?

I saw a recent thread over at Sportzblitz that posed an interesting question.

What are the most realistic fight scenes in a movie?

There were some interesting suggestions. Some good ones were 'Road House', 'Green Street Hooligans', and 'Romper Stomper'.

For sure, those movies have good, realistic fight scenes but I went with the scenes featuring Jake 'the Muss'. He was the main character in the movie's, 'Once Were Warriors' and 'What Becomes of the Broken Hearted'.

The Fearful Jake 'the Muss'

The fight scenes on both of those movies are explosive and 'in your face'! Not only are the fight scenes realistic in my opinion but Jake 'the Muss' is devastating. He is quick, powerful and super aggressive. A fantastic combination to have in real world situations.

May I also suggest that he would be a good role model of an attacker in one's training. Aim to be able to defend yourself from him and defeat him. He is a worst case scenario.

Below are three video's which show some typical fight scene's from 'Once Were Warriors' and 'What Becomes of the Broken Hearted'. Note the use of items lying around as improvised weapons...

'Too much weights, not enough speed work...' Classic.

12 January 2009

Top Submission Wrestling Images from Flickr

As regular readers and subscribers would have seen by now, I am a big fan of Flickr. Many people post up images that can be freely used under the Creative Commons License. I have been using Flickr for collecting images on some previous Image Showcases such as the Top Lion Images and my post on Toughness as the Meaning of Life.

During the production of these posts and others, I have noticed that there are many interesting images of Submission Wrestling that are published under the same license.

Scrambling and Interesting Moments

These images capture some interesting moments, scrambling and positions and while they aren't of front page magazine quality, I have found them to be quite good.

I thought I would share with you the best that I have found from the world of Flickr. These images in particular, are all from Uzbecka. There are many others at her Flickr profile so check it out. If you know the names of any of the competitors please Contact us and let us know and this page will be updated with the appropriate information.

Here are the Top 15 Submission Wrestling Images from Flickr

Hope you enjoyed them.

09 January 2009

Toughness as the Meaning of Life

Well, is being tough the ultimate goal in life? Is being seen to be weak the ultimate in failure as a human being?

Image by markarinafotos

Peoples first response when encountering someone they haven't met on the street is to be stand-offish and attempt to be slightly tough. People tend to walk around with a scowl on their face. Normal people get tattoo's to be a bit bad and tough. There is a lot of overt toughness around these days.

Image by Dplanet

People who don't have the stuff genetically seem to try to make up for their lack of physical toughness by achieving financial wealth, followed by power, followed by toughness.

Image by mugley

Then there are those who get tough looking cars and therefore, by default, also strive to appear tough. Toughness is very much image based.

Image by Bring back Buck

And what about kids these days... Let's not even go there. They learn it from the tough adults all around them anyway.

Image by Simon Pais-Thomas

Do all people secretly want to appear to be at least a little tough to their fellow human beings? Even a little? Be honest.

And is it such a bad thing? Is it an in-built survival mechanism from years past where our apparent toughness or lack there-of could have meant life o
r death? Is it something deep down in our genes that has stayed with us through our evolution into modern humankind?

Is that why a lot of people take up the martial arts and self protection? Martial artists feel a little tough inside when others around them find out they know how to handle themselves. And why do people go to the gym? To look good? Really? Or is it to look a bit toug

Image by Here in Van Nuys

Who knows. But there sure is a lot of overt toughness out there in the world these days.

08 January 2009

Announcement - Domain Name Change

This is the final post for the address http://lowtechcombat.blogspot.com

The new address will be www.lowtechcombat.com in a matter of minutes and a short post will quickly follow.

RSS and Email Subscribers

I've looked at the Feedburner site (who the subscriptions go through) and help pages and I have found little assistance in this matter in regards to transferring the feed of both RSS and Email automatically for subscribers.

It may be necessary for subscribers to go to the new site (shown below) and resubscribe manually and I do apologise for this burden. The best I can find is that the new Feed may transfer to the old account for 30 days. You may need to do it manually after that. Best to just subscribe to the new address straight away maybe? Again, apologies.

Old to New Site links?

All of the old links will still work for the actual site, or blog, as they get forwarded automatically by Blogger to the new domain address which is nice.

So here is the link to the new address,


Go there to update your RSS or Email Subscription to the new address or update your Bookmarks or Favourite list on your browser.

The next post should be up within 30 minutes. Fingers crossed...

Update: The new post from the new address has been posted. If you do not receive it within the next 30 minutes, please leave a comment below so I can work on fixing it.

06 January 2009

UFC 94 - Georges St. Pierre v BJ Penn Video

Via MMAmania

Here is a great video that showcases the upcoming UFC match up between Georges St. Pierre and BJ Penn. UFC 94 is scheduled to take place on 31st January in Las Vegas. And with this match up alone it will be worthy of checking out!

Some of the fighters in the UFC these days are truly phenomenal. And Georges St. Pierre and BJ Penn are definitely included in that category.

05 January 2009

Improvised Weapons - Grips and Holds

Most Martial Artists and Self Defence type people acknowledge that Improvised Weapons are a great, handy and convenient methodology of Self Protection and Self Defence.

Improvised weapons are everywhere and easily accessible. They are especially relevant in countries with stringent weapons laws. They are also an excellent equaliser.

Many attacks today are from armed assailants and the use of Improvised Weapons can level the playing field. Improvised Weapons may also make the difference between walking away unscathed or getting seriously injured or worse.

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