30 September 2009

Subway Attack - CCTV Footage and Analysis

The following CCTV footage shows an attack in a subway. Below that I offer some key points to highlight how the attackers intent could easily have been detected by the simple signs and indicators he was displaying and finish by highlighting some steps the victim could have done to prevent it from even happening.

Now I find this attack very interesting. It looks as though these two guys are the only people on the platform. The attacker (holding the bottle), is acting VERY suspiciously for three main reasons.

26 September 2009

Self Defense Bas Rutten Style

Now Bas Rutten is one funny guy. He is funny but most of his self defense techniques are excellent. And it helps being powerful as well.

You Tube link

Nice yeah?

20 September 2009

Thinking Big: Strategic Papers on Terrorism plus more

To paraphrase Musashi, large scale combat is very similar to one on one combat. The same principles and capabilities apply such as deception, using your strengths against an enemies weaknesses, intelligence (knowing the enemy) and reconnaissance (detecting the enemy before they detect you) along with fire-power (your ability to cause physical damage to an opponent).

Today I will be providing some excerpts and comments to some strategic papers I hope you find interesting.


Strategy deals with the big picture. In the context of this post, strategy deals with global security situations. Global terrorism, insurgencies and geopolitics are all things which I feel are valid areas of study for those with a passion for combative subjects.

05 September 2009

The Calm in the Storm

Training needs to stimulate the physiological and psychological effects that will be felt in real Low Tech Combat. Over and over. With exposure, those effects will lessen. Inoculation occurs. 

Without exposure, we will be overwhelmed when confronted with real Low Tech Combat. Only with hard and realistic training, can we be the Calm in the Storm, in the real thing.

I have been advocating hard and intense realistic training for some time here on Low Tech Combat. I have explained that training needs to stimulate the 'fight or flight' response. We need to train under stress. We need to be aware of the Alpha Male and the Predator and face realistic violent attacks (safely) in our training.

Stressed: In Training YES, in the Real Thing NO

This does NOT mean we should be pumped up on adrenaline, suffer from tunnel vision, auditory exclusion, difficulties engaging in conscious thought and otherwise be acting only on instinct during a real encounter. This is a misunderstanding of my position on what modern training methods
are all about.

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