13 January 2010

New LTC Video: Know your Pre Attack Indicators!

I am excited to present to you, Low Tech Combat's very first video for your viewing pleasure!

It is an analysis of a CCTV attack which I have shown on this site previously. It breaks the attack down and pinpoints the various key indicators which should have clearly shown to the victim that an attack was very close, if not imminent.

Here it is.

Watch on YouTube

Please leave feedback below or at the YouTube site. It is my first one, and there will be others. I aim to improve them with each new release and need your help in ensuring the videos are the best they can be. Please leave not only feedback on this video but feel free to offer suggestions on ideas for other videos as well. Let me know what you want to see!

Thanks very much for watching it.

And also, PLEASE SHARE IT! Feel free to embed it on your own sites! Email your friends, Tweet about it, Digg, Stumble, whatever you do :) I feel the information on the video is important and would like it to reach as wide an audience as possible.

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  1. Very good. Now what should the victim have done?

  2. Thats the next step Chris. Good question.

    Good self protection comes well before doing an awesome disarm and putting them in a hold. You need to understand your environment. He was in a subway. It looks like not too many people were there. AND he has a laptop computer or some other item of value.

    He should have realised as he was going to the subway that he would need to be on guard as he was going into a higher threat environment. As we go about our lives we need to be aware of our environment and when we are in areas of higher risk of an attack occurring.

    Once down there he should have identified that young male as a very likely attacker straight away. The correct age and sex of an attacker. He had a weapon in his hand and he was restless as can be seen with his pacing around.

    At that stage, and it shouldn't have taken more than 30sec to tune in and make a decision, he should have stayed in the main or centre area of the platform, normally where the escalators or elevator is. He should not have gone down the end of the platform and isolated himself.

    This may in itself have prevented the attack.

    However, assume he is where he ended up. Standing at the seat. Seeing the young man look up and down the tracks should have further confirmed him as a likely attacker. Then when he switched the grip of the bottle, that should have signalled to the man that an attack was imminent. He should have walked up to the main area of the platform without losing sight of the young man. If no-one else was there, simply leave the platform. Yes, he would have possibly missed his train. So what. Wait for other people to come or tell a rail worker or police preferably.

    If he still was there though, and the young man then engaged him in conversation, as he did, he should have quite sternly replied with confidence and get strong eye contact. This guy is a predator, not an alpha male. He engaged him in conversation as a test, to see if he would be an easy target. By replying sternly and with confidence, the young man may have decided that this guy looks like he will fight back and wait for someone else to wander up his way and try them. The attacker wants a quick attack and a quick get away.

    When the young man again went and had one more look up the rail line and then sat down next to him, he should have gotten up immediately and moved away. If asked by the young man what his problem was a simple reply along the lines of 'hey man, give me some fucken space. why are you sitting right next to me?'. Be confident, confront them about what they are doing. Let them know that you are aware of what they are doing. This will strongly discourage them.

    Do not use this tactic against alpha males. It will make things much worse. This sort of attacker is a predator. Look into his mentality. The above is just a guide. There is PLENTY of things to do before it gets to the stage of, 'as he swung the bottle around, he should have leant inside the arc of the weapon, and then closed the distance, headbutting him and...' etc.

    Thanks for the question Chris, it has given me the opportunity to present some food for thought for people wondering how the victim could have mitigated this attack.

    Awareness and manoeuvre can prevent attacks.

  3. Nicely done! If you can integrate your analysis after the first run through, including things like escape avenues or self defense options, you'll be all set.

  4. I thought of doing what u suggested there Matt. My only concern with having the analysis after the first run through was that I am aware that the original CCTV footage had been around since at least september, when I first saw it. I didnt want people watching it and going, 'oh, ive seen this before', then moving on.

    But i do think it would possibly work better running CCTV footage all the way through first, to get people thinking, and then provide the information in the second run through.

    Your suggestions of escape avenues and self defence options are good and I will look at doing some other things like that in future videos.

    Thanks for your feedback!


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