11 February 2010

Defendo Kotka: Realistic Training Video

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I like it. Unarmed. Weapons. Standing. Clinch. Ground. Static drills. Sparring. Scenarios. Role playing. In gym. On site realistic environments. Normal clothes. Aliveness throughout. Indoors. Outdoors. Functional strength and conditioning.

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  1. A great vid! I really like the way these guys keep it realistic. You dont see them taking there opponents down for a cross armbar for instance.

    The training in a club was very good to see. Its the kind of environment where one may find themselves fighting. A straight up good vid.

  2. Yeah, I too was impressed with how these guys train. The on site scenarios are great training. It is very beneficial to train outside of a matted Dojo, Dojang or gym and out of a Gi or Kimono.

  3. What I saw was basically simplified ju-jutsu coupled with some basic boxing and wrestling: good stuff surely and adequate for self defense but nothing to get really excited about. I liked the simple but effective approach (makes for a fast learning curve and greatly improves the chance of success in reality) and the coverage of all the ranges but I do have some points of criticism.

    From what I saw here the boxing needs work: the wide uppercut won’t do, their stance is too upright and they even tend to drop their hands after striking. The defense against the kick (around 4.10) was rather bad: to block like this and bending over will likely result in a knee to the face or a guillotine choke, not a good idea. I doubt defending the shoot by putting two hands on his neck and pushing down will work: if the guy is worth his salt this will not deter him and you’ll get taken down anyway, especially if he’s in striking distance already. Why not just use the sprawl? A very basic but well proven technique that puts all your bodyweight on his neck while getting your legs away from his reach. After the sprawl it’s very easy to knee him in the temple or mount and choke or just punch him out. You’d think someone who uses wrestling in his system would know this.

    I would take this outdoors training with a grain of salt: it’s very easy to go out and shoot some nice stuff on location, this says nothing about their normal training schedule or methods. The scene in the dancing was a novelty but I don’t see them renting the place every week for some ‘realistic practice’ and it’s not exactly realistic to practice with gloves on. The weight training was indeed functional but if they do this during practice it’s an inefficient use of time since strength is not what’s going to save your hide in a pinch but technique and honed responses: some basic calisthenes during the warm-up is ok but weight and other strength training should be done at home. Practice is for drilling fighting techniques, sparring and learning new material.

    In summary: this was a good promotional video and it seems like a good system (no style or system is without its flaws) but you cannot really say until you’ve trained with these guys at least a few times.


    PS: I don’t see what advantage training in sports gear offers as opposed to in a gi; it’s not what you’re going to be wearing on the street either (unless it’s in the summer and you live in a warm climate). Training in street clothes once in a while is a good add-on to normal training but doing a whole session with warm-up in regular street wear does seem rather awkward (not to mention potentially dangerous and/or smelly), if your system’s any good it won’t rely on specific wear (e.g sturdy clothing that can be used to grapple or throw) and for any type of physical activity it’s always adviseable to wear loose fitting clothes and avoid items like watches and jewelry since this can cut the partner or injure them in some other way.

  4. Hey Zara,

    You sound like a prick!

  5. This is certainly a unique form of martial arts but I'm sure it can also be effective in protecting yourself against lawless elements.


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