21 February 2010

Real Bus Attack: Justified or Stupid?

Warning: Video may offend.

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This video is getting mixed responses around the Internet. Some say it is funny and the young guy got what he deserved. Others say the older guy was after a fight as well and the real victims were the bus passengers who had to deal with it. Did everyone see the older guys shirt? It said "I AM a Motherf$#ker.

Leave your opinions below.

EDIT: Just found the second video. Not long after the first. For those interested...

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  1. Various news sources have picked this one up. Turns out the old white dude has a history of this. See my recent post.


  2. Interesting how the retreat by the old man seems to exacerbate things rather than calm them down, especially since he continues his remarks now from a distance.

    The kid doesn't start his assault until after the old man moves to the other end of the bus, presumably to avoid a fight. It seems almost as if the kid interprets that as a retreat and goes into predatory mode, triggered by the continued verbal abuse by the old man.

  3. On the one hand, most of us love seeing a loudmouth soundly put in his place, on the other, we have the self-defence perspective that makes it very clear that both parties did a lousy job avoiding, preventing, or de-escalating the confrontation.

    There's no contradiction between these, nor is there a point in trying to reconcile them. It's just two different perspectives.

  4. Was the second video before or after the first?

    The young guy never seemed that keen on a fight and wasn't skilled in striking. The old guy looked a bit wild anyway. T shirt a giveaway?

    As you say frightening for others on the bus.

  5. Bob - Yep, I saw your post in my RSS feed. Nice find there!

    Todd - Yeah, I think both men had trouble with letting go and were concerned with losing face. 'Face' is generally considered to be an 'Eastern' thing but it is often the culprit of violence in many instances in western nations. Even when the older man moved to the front of the bus, he had troubles letting go and continued with his verbal comments loud enough for the rest of the passengers on the bus to hear. This triggered the younger man to respond. No doubt he felt he could handle the older man and backed himself to bluff the older guy and save face. To add to the fire, the younger guy was being egged on by the video camera crew.

    Iron Mongoose - Yep. It seems inevitable that these two would come to blows. We don't know what started it but it seemed by the time it was being filmed, neither would back down. And it can be hard to back down in public. Nobody wants to appear to be the weaker. But really, who cares what a bunch of random bus passengers think of our manhood?

    Chris - The second video is the aftermath of the first video where it spills out onto the streets. That is why the older guy is all fired up. One gets a more complete picture as to the intent of the older guy in the second video. Doesn't really appear to be a stable individual. What is important to acknowledge is that there are mentally unstable people out there. And often, they have no qualms about turning violent.

  6. The younger dude started the initial contact. What happens after that he deserved. I found it funny that the girl who shot the video was encouraging him to whip that old guys butt then when he turned the tables on the younger guy her reaction was much different. Seems like the old dude was a bit unstable after that but his adrenaline was flowing so he had to find a way to get it out of his system. Guess the other fellow picked the wrong guy to try and go gangsta with...

  7. The outcome of the fight is immaterial, either one might "win". There's no justifying the way it escalated into a fight. Walking away, maintaining awareness, getting off the bus at the next stop, the real way of self defense (and avoiding spending time in court) is to find ways to turn away before the physical contact begins. If either of the them had chosen that path, this is avoided.

  8. http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/epic-beard-man

    As promised, a whole lot of info on 'Epic Beard Man', another video of him getting arrested and some stuff that's in pretty poor taste. Seems like he's not a very nice person.

  9. There is an interview with the old guy:


    Not stable - but I feel sorry for him.

  10. JD - That is one key point out of all of this. The young guy did initiate the physical violence. But the conflict was already being waged verbally at that stage. There are contrasting stories as to how it evolved. The links provided by Elias and Chris show numerous videos and interviews. Still unsure though...

    ASM826 - Agree totally. Avoidance is the high end of Low Tech Combat. Fighting is for beginners really. The Pre Fight stage is advanced. But it SHOULD be where everyone begins...

    Elias - Great link! Shows a lot about the situation with numerous videos. Probably the most complete and neutral (fair and unbiased)explanation there is on the whole event. Interesting viewing and reading. Crazy that the police tazered him at a baseball game! Thanks for sharing the link!

    Chris - Yeah. Seems like he's had a rough life. His life would make a good book or movie. Even if it is slightly exaggerated like his version of events were :)

  11. ASM826 said..

    " Walking away, maintaining awareness, getting off the bus at the next stop, the real way of self defense (and avoiding spending time in court) "

    realisticly why should the older block have gotten off the bus it isnt hes stop ! why should that prick inconvenience him ? fair enuff walk away he did he went to the other end of the bus ! the gangsta followed him and he flogged him why ???

    1 . hes an older man, he did feel threatend. that is why he moved away, although still shouted insults because he was confident and didnt wanna show hes a pussy but felt if this fucker comes in my space BOOM ! and thats what happened he took it on himself to protect himself.

    " frightening for others on the bus " in my point of view fu*k the others in what happen the only thing that mattered was protection.

    of course it matters what u say the older guy could have said " he bro, i think i gave you the wrong impression i apologize can we leave it at that? wat can i do to solve our little problem here ? "

    although on the other hand who nos he could been in a shitty mood and the last thing he needed was a prick like that. Avoidance is the best option although i will not go out of my way and completely inconvenience myself such as get off the bus when it isn't my stop just to save that prick a stomping.

    Street Fighting isn't fun, It isn't good although sometimes such as what happen above it is certainly necessary and if we feel like to much of a "do gooder " and try to push a avoidance or de escalation to far they will bang us .

  12. Interesting. I really think the whole thing could have been avoided rather quickly if just one of the men actually wanted it to end. Neither of them truly wanted it to end.

    No, the older guy shouldn't need to get off the bus. All he had to be was the bigger man when he moved to the front of the bus and shut his mouth. Forget face and pride and ego. That is all rather simple.

    I think that is the point. If just one of them wanted to avoid violence, it would not have eventuated.

  13. All I can say is, I've tried avoiding vience by "walking away and shutting my mouth; being the bigger man" and I got a bat to the back of the head, broken nose and cracked ribs. I chose to not swing after I got pushed and shoved and as I walked away not responding to the comments made, in came a bat. Now after the bat to the head and kick to the face, I did do some swinging and ass beating like the old man ha. But still had to go to the hospital for staples and all kinds xreys and tests.


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