16 September 2010

Can Healthy Eating Cure Cancer?

I found this video recently which I thought was interesting. It goes into the topic of how healthy eating can not just delay or prevent disease, but how it has cured disease as well. I find the topic interesting. A long life is not just related to defending ourselves against a human attacker intent on causing us harm. It is also related to living a healthy lifestyle.

After all, why spend all that time learning how to defend ourselves if we are just happy to let ourselves go and die of a fully preventable heart attack instead? I am not sure if we can cure cancer but I think the concept deserves some thought and has merit.

Props to Foodmatters.tv for the heads up.


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  1. There is an immensely popular video called "Can We Eat to Starve Cancer" on TED.com.

    Solid research beats anecdotal evidence any day of the week.

    I've often said, why does anyone train in RBSD and also smoke and eat processed food? Either of these is several hundred times more likely to kill you, than some gangbanger in an alley.

  2. Hey Jesse, agree totally about processed food being more likely to kill than a gangbanger. Unless you live in certai parts of the US...

  3. I couldn't agree more on this,there are more cases of heart attacks than knife attacks and more people have lung cancers than people who have been shot. Keeping our well-being within is better than training for self defense for countless hours if your just going to get a heart attack on the time you get mugged=)

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  5. Fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which can lessen the effects of carcinogens and free radicals in the body. They can help you stay lean, provide you with fiber and help you build a healthy immune system which can all decrease your risk developing cancer. I have to agree with you that the concept deserves some thought and has merit.


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