10 November 2010

Understanding Assault - Street Fights (Video)

And now to proudly introduce Low Tech Combat's second video for the world to behold! hehe.

The video showcases some fundamental statistics about Assault (or street fights, whatever you want to call them), in an attempt to educate people on the realities of Assault and shatter some incorrect pre-conceived notions as to what really happens during most cases of Assault. It also utilises some great imagery gathered via Flickr.com

Watch in YouTube

The statistics were gathered from Government bodies in the US, UK and Australia and have previously been discussed on previous posts here at Low Tech Combat.


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  1. Nice share! People should consider learning self-defenses and awareness of these crimes. No one wants to be a part of those horrible statistics,

  2. Very true Benn. It is also important to base ones learning off what actually happens, such as via these statistics. It helps overcome our pre-conceived notions and what other so-called self defence and martial arts experts are pushing out there.

    I am not so sure these statistics are horrible, more information about reality than anything else.


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