25 February 2010

ATM Card Skimmers: Exposed

Many people have heard about ATM skimmers but most have never seen them, know how they work or most importantly, know what to look for. Below is intended to be a practical guide explaining all things ATM skimmers. It is hoped that this guide will contain some very interesting information. I know when I was first exposed to all of this information a few weeks ago, I was surprised at the quality of some of these devices which can be seen with some of the images included below. I doubt very much if I would have noticed them. Lets get into it.

What is ATM Skimming?

ATM skimming is a problem the world over. Skimming is a method where criminals capture the data

21 February 2010

Real Bus Attack: Justified or Stupid?

Warning: Video may offend.

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This video is getting mixed responses around the Internet. Some say it is funny and the young guy got what he deserved. Others say the older guy was after a fight as well and the real victims were the bus passengers who had to deal with it. Did everyone see the older guys shirt? It said "I AM a Motherf$#ker.

Leave your opinions below.

EDIT: Just found the second video. Not long after the first. For those interested...

11 February 2010

Defendo Kotka: Realistic Training Video

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I like it. Unarmed. Weapons. Standing. Clinch. Ground. Static drills. Sparring. Scenarios. Role playing. In gym. On site realistic environments. Normal clothes. Aliveness throughout. Indoors. Outdoors. Functional strength and conditioning.

07 February 2010

Can You Be Stabbed With a Knife and Not Know it?

A remarkable news story unfolded recently. A Russian woman, Julia Popova, aged 22, was mugged and had a 6 inch knife blade lodged in her back. She was so traumatized that she did not realise it was there until she walked home and her parents saw it!

Details of the actual mugging are unclear but it is the image above which is being widely spread around the Internet. There is some speculation as to whether it was faked but it seems at this stage that it is genuine.

This story prompted me to examine if this is a common occurrence. The examples below indicate that it may be.

03 February 2010

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