08 March 2010

Real Case Studies Highlight Most Assaults Occur Between People Who Know Each Other

Statistics tell us that a slight majority of assaults occur between people who know each other (see also here). Assault is generally a much more emotional physical encounter than cold blooded robbery and muggings. This is an important distinction. Assault often is very passionate but doesn't generally involve a deliberate intent to cause severe damage or injury. It often involves a lot of posturing, similar to how two animals of the same species fight.

What does this mean? It means we need to be as careful of people we know as we are about strangers. Below is a sampling of real news stories showing various real cases of assaults occurring between people who know each other. They involve teachers and students, partners, opposing gang members and more. The message is, its not just strangers who fight at pubs over spilt drinks and offensive 'looks'. Sometimes, we know the aggressor.

Hopefully this post will provide a little food for thought. Lets get into it.

01 March 2010

My Epic Barefoot Summit of Mt Barney ( Long Post)

The warning sign at the base of Mt Barney
What an adventure I had over the weekend. I went for the summit of Mt Barney. Mt Barney is a mountain (in Australian standards anyway) for only experienced walkers and climbers and there have been numerous examples of climbers having to be rescued from it's grasp. The plan was to go up the spectacular SE Ridge to the East Peak, go down into the saddle and descend the South Ridge. I aimed to reach the summit and get back down all in the one day. It didn't turn out that way as the mountain had other ideas...

I have recently been eyeing off Mt Barney as it is the biggest mountain near where I live in south east Queensland, Australia. I had sounded out a few prospective climbing companions but for three separate reasons, they all had to pass as the time approached. I decided I would go for it by myself. I wanted to go for the summit within a couple of weeks and the weekend just gone was the only time I could really fit it in. So I decided to go for it. The weather wasn't looking great but

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