23 August 2010

Do Your Thoughts Lead to Consequences?

I just recently read an article that made me shake my head with disbelief and frustration because it was nonsense. What slowed me down however was that I thought there was also an element of truth there, however it seemed misguided. After some consideration I have come to the conclusion that the article is incorrect, correct and also ill informed. How is THAT for sitting on the fence???

The article over at Person Missing is discussing the viewpoint that if people read all about muggings and attacks, that it instills a certain amount of fear in people. People end up thinking, "I hope I don't get mugged". The articles position goes on to state that the "unbiased ear" inside our heads will not hear the "don't" but will hear the "I" and "mugged" and connect these two words. It is all about the "Law of Attraction".

The thought remembered by ones subconscious is that it connects "I" and "mugged". This results in our thoughts leading to action. That is, we get mugged. This is a theory whereby if we focus on negatives, the "do nots" and "don'ts" that our subconscious only hears what we say without those words.

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