28 October 2010

Dog Brothers Gathering in 2010

Here is the video of the latest Dog Brothers Gathering of the Pack.

I really like what the Dog Brothers do and totally respect everyone who participates in these gatherings. They have a lot to offer the self defence and Low Tech Combat community in showing us what works under pressure and just as importantly, what does not work.

Hat tip the group, or pack... Enjoy.

Watch in YouTube

24 October 2010

Cyber Security Tips for Cyber Security Awareness Month

Online attacks are very real and frequent. A new Windows computer will be hacked within 20 minutes of connecting to the internet. This fact will be explored further later in this article.

In the US this month, it is the inaugural Cyber Security Awareness Month. This post is in part an effort to promote this cause. 

As our lives go online more regularly, it is just as important to maintain our awareness of the threats online as it is walking down a dark alleyway on a Saturday night. 

As in real life, our security online is our responsibility.

There is a real threat online and it does exist and people become victims all the time. The risk is not to do with becoming the victim of violence such as receiving cuts or stab wounds or being knocked out and then kicked repeatedly. 

The risk is that we can be hit in our hip pockets. The online threats want our information, which leads to hitting us financially. If they do not want our information, they want to use our broadband and our processing power or our storage. And that costs money as well.

14 October 2010

What Controls You, Your Instincts or Your Mind?

I recently tweeted the question, 'What controls you, your instincts or your mind?' after having some random thoughts the other day. The question was not based on any firm ideas I had but was rather a thought provoking question and thought process I was going through.

Do you base your actions mainly on logic? What about social expectations? Do you always eat when you are hungry? Do you think aggression is bad? Can you turn your aggression on and off consciously or are you a slave to your instincts and emotions?

This along with other similar thoughts was going through my mind which prompted me to tweet the question. I didn't really expect people to reply as it was a rather abstract tweet, although there were a couple of interesting replies I got back. It was more to just throw the question out there to get people to think about it. I found the replies very thought provoking though.

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