30 November 2010

Do Power Strikes Reign Supreme Over Combinations?

There is an ongoing discussion between the merits of using predominantly powerful strikes or combinations. But what is the end aim for striking a person? It is to knock the attacker/opponent out. Depending on your view, it could be to stop an attack. Both have slight nuances as to their differences but they can be bunched together as the meaning is almost the same.

A brief explanation is provided for each position and then a video showcasing each approach is offered to better highlight how each approach is applied. The power approach is provided by a high level Muay Thai match and the combination approach is provided by an Ernesto Hoost highlight video.


10 November 2010

Understanding Assault - Street Fights (Video)

And now to proudly introduce Low Tech Combat's second video for the world to behold! hehe.

The video showcases some fundamental statistics about Assault (or street fights, whatever you want to call them), in an attempt to educate people on the realities of Assault and shatter some incorrect pre-conceived notions as to what really happens during most cases of Assault. It also utilises some great imagery gathered via Flickr.com

Watch in YouTube

The statistics were gathered from Government bodies in the US, UK and Australia and have previously been discussed on previous posts here at Low Tech Combat.


03 November 2010

Would You Have Fallen Prey to These Real Knife Attacks?

Knife attacks seem to be more and more common these days. This is likely to continue as authorities place more and more restrictions and controls on the possession of firearms. As has previously been discussed on this site many times, knives are the most common form of weapons used today in attacks, except in the US where a firearm is most common, followed by knife attacks.

The case studies below of REAL knife attacks provide four separate examples of how knives can be used in attacks. Some of these attacks resulted in only minor cuts and regrettably, one was fatal. 

As you read through these, ask yourself if you were in the same situations, would you have been aware enough to detect the threat and avoid or counter them.

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