29 December 2010

Best of 2010

This is the final post from Low Tech Combat for the year. In this post, we will highlight the best posts that were published here on this blog as well as highlight some of the best stuff from around the web that we shared via Twitter and Facebook. The posts from here are listed under different topics and the Twitter stuff is listed under their topics as well.

I hope you enjoy looking back over 2010. I am sure you will find some interesting stuff you have not seen before. That goes for you subscribers and followers as well. I know you all live busy lives and no-one gets everything. So this is a kind of catch all as well.

Before we get into it, I would like to hint that next year will see a couple of big things
(for Low Tech Combat anyway), being brought to fruition which I am very excited about. These will be exclusively for our subscribers as a kind of thank you for your interest in the topics covered here at Low Tech Combat. Besides the posts which will continue, the new... umm, things :) will be only for our small and exclusive community. Stayed tuned next year for more on this...

Let's get into it shall we?

12 December 2010

Grappling when Weapons are or May be Involved

Grappling with weapons opens up another dimension to Low Tech Combat. The above image is from a real incident where a Law Enforcement (LE) officer was attempting to apprehend a suspect. You can see that the suspect juuuust has a hold of the pistol grip and is actively going for the weapon. The magazine is out of the weapon and on the ground. Even someones sunnies are on the ground. It is on.

But seriously, this is a dangerous situation, caught well in this image. Apparently the suspect was out of jail in just a few months. Many LE officers are shot with their own weapons. This means that the suspect got up close and personal. They probably got the weapon while they were grappling/wrestling with the officer. A tough situation where hormones would be racing freely through the arteries and veins.

It is not only LE officers who need to deal with worrying about weapons whilst grappling. Recently we came across a case where a fight went to the ground between two women which resulted in one woman being stabbed in the back of the neck whilst grappling. Numerous people have discussed this very subject and we will have a look at what their thoughts are as well. We will finish with a couple of videos of how we can train for this possible eventuality.

11 December 2010

Check out the Facebook Page!

Low Tech Combat now has a Facebook Page! If you are on Facebook, be sure to pop on over and ‘Like’ the Page :) CLICK HERE NOW!

Once you have Liked it, you will stay updated on interesting news stories, statistics on violent crime, interesting discussions, posts, videos and a whole lot more. Don’t worry, your news feed will not be inundated. The updates will just trickle along and will not be annoying.

Best of all, the updates will be exclusive to the Facebook Page and will not be published on the main site so there will be no doubling up. You will need to 'Like' the page to get these updates.

At the moment there are a whole lot of interesting links shared, some very nice imagery to browse which is some of the nicest imagery from this very site, there are the two exclusive Low Tech Combat videos and a discussion area which will feature some interesting talks in the future. There will also be one or two new features on there coming soon...

It is only a new Page so be sure to share it with all of your Facebook friends. You never know, they may just learn something that will make the difference between them becoming involved in a violent encounter and them being able to avoid it.

CLICK HERE to check it out.

07 December 2010

50 Year Trends in Violent Crime in the US - FBI Statistics

Recently the FBI, or more precisely, Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) have released a searchable database tool where the user can input particular crimes, at particular areas in the US and over certain time periods. This is a very useful tool, particularly if you live in the US. This tool enables you to drill down into the specifics of violent crime for YOUR state.

What I have done in this article is just showcase some 50 year trends in crime in the US by using some simple charts where the figures were generated by the UCR database tool. The above chart showcases the total number of violent crimes in the US from 1960 to 2009 and the overall trends throughout. This chart allows us to see that overall, violent crime peaked in 1992 with 1,932,274 total number of violent crimes reported in that year. From the figures obtained from the UCR database, we can learn that from 1960 to 2009, there have been a total number of 59, 307, 925 violent crimes reported in the US.

Below you will find each type of crime singled out and displayed in charts for ease of comprehension. Some interesting observations can be made from these... Each chart shows the 50 year trends from the US. where Aggravated Assault, Robbery, Larceny/Theft, Murder/Manslaughter and Property Crime are showcased.

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