23 February 2011

ISR Matrix: The Definitive Review and Interview

ISR Matrix is a self defence system which teaches a linear response that aims to overcome an attack in a progressive manner. The defenders response can be scaled depending on the nature of the attack. In particular, the response is scaled according to the legal use of force continuum. For a more aggressive attack, more force can be used where necessary. Where little real threat is present, control is used to neutralize the attack.

This organic ability within the system is one of its strengths. Although ISR Matrix is targeted primarily at the Law Enforcement (LE) and Armed Forces (AF) communities, they also cater to civilians. It is well understood that LE and AF personnel need to adhere to strict use of force guidelines however, most self defence systems for civilians ignore such a reality. Everyone needs to be concerned with use of force. A person defending against an attack can legally use too much force purely out of a reaction or overly aggressive training and end up in court and then prison. CCTV is everywhere. This is very important.

Review and Interview

This post is an independent review of ISR Matrix so that subscribers and readers of Low Tech Combat can better understand the system and make an informed decision as to whether they should pursue opportunities to participate in one of the ISR Matrix courses. Included is an exclusive interview with Dave Pauli who is the Australian representative for ISR Matrix. This in itself is excellent reading! Some of the key strengths and weaknesses of the ISR Matrix system will be explored as well.

UPDATE: Since first writing this review, the writer of this post (Adam @ Low Tech Combat), has participated in an ISR Matrix course, so this post has been updated where necessary. Not much has needed to be changed actually. Indeed many of the comments at the bottom of this post (which are numerous and positive) make more sense since having now done a course. The quick version, it is highly recommended!!

Note: This is a long post, even for Low Tech Combat standards.

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