10 March 2011

STAB Knife Defense System Video

The STAB knife defense system is certainly a good one. This is a solid video on knife defence. I encourage everyone to watch this all the way through, it is that important. It is 17min and 20sec of your life, invest it in learning this stuff.

The STAB knife defence system is alive and it is all about controlling that knife bearing limb. This is 90% of what effective knife defence is all about. Controlling that knife bearing limb.

At Low Tech Combat, we discuss realistic knife defence a lot. The things we suggest for a realistic and effective knife defence system is evident in the STAB system.

For further considerations and info on realistic knife attacks and defence, check out the following:
and on Aliveness for those who are not fully aware of what that term means:
Has anyone done any STAB courses or training? What do you think of the video? Too simplistic? Incomplete? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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