27 June 2011

Colour Codes of Awareness

Colour Codes of Awareness
The Colour Codes of Awareness from White through to Black

The Colour Codes of Awareness can be used as a model or system for conceptualising just how we should actually apply awareness. Many people espouse that we should always maintain awareness of our surroundings and be on the lookout for warning signs and indicators that warn of a person about to possibly attack. But it can still be unclear as to how we should go about being ‘aware’.

The Colour Codes of Awareness provide a clear and simple explanation about how to go about applying awareness and how to be aware. Such is the beauty of the system. This system was first developed by Jeff Cooper who was an officer in the Marines who served in WWII and Korea and was later a weapons trainer. The system I will be presenting here is a modified version which I think is more targeted and specific to the topic of awareness.

The system uses a scaled or tiered colour system to indicate different levels of awareness. The colours progress in order from white through to yellow, orange, red and black.

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