20 November 2011

Intro to Low Tech Combat: Video

Welcome to our brand new video :) 

It is just a short 1 minute introduction to Low Tech Combat. Please share it around and let people know what Low Tech Combat is all about. 

And while you're at it, let them know about the upcoming release of the Human Combative Behaviour Manifesto... It's coming soon.

02 November 2011

Collection of Videos From Gathering of Modern Master Minds

Here is a sample of three audio based videos from a gathering of some well known and highly skilled and experienced martial arts and self defence instructors and practitioners. The following videos include such names as Kris Wilder, Rory Miller, Marc “Animal” MacYoung, Al Peasland, Nicholas Yang & Iain Abernethy.

What do you think? Some interesting stuff for sure.

The rest of the series of 11 videos can be found HERE.

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