02 April 2012

13 Commonly Believed Myths About Self Defence BUSTED!

Self Defence Myths
There are many Myths believed about self defence.

Some are absolutely WRONG. Others are not too bad but over simplify issues. These Myths try to get us to stop thinking for ourselves.

Some are more widespread than others. This largely comes down to people teaching who don’t know any better. It can come down to untrained people just spreading bad information.

There are simply too many Myths out there that need busting.

A key problem is the internet. Too often, poor ideas are taught to a large audience which gains traction and poor instruction spreads this way. McDojo’s are also a significant problem (see also here, here and here).

Who really knows how these 13 commonly believed Myths about self defence come from? The fact is, they are out there.

We are here to BUST them! Now let’s get busting!

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